ohg transparentWe are a  group of current & past  residents and others with an interest in Oatlands, going under the title of the "Oatlands Heritage Group". Membership is open to anyone who shares our aims.

Concerned with the lack of recorded history relating to Oatlands as a village and conscious of the rapid changes that now take place within the local community, we decided to begin collecting, researching and recording the story of the village so that it is preserved and available to all that are interested - whether that be a general interest or related to family, local or house history - and ensure that the village has its rightful place within the historical record.

All documents, photographs, ephemera and other items are of interest to us and we would be very happy to see anything that you may have relating to the village - no matter what time period it is concerned with.

History has no beginning or end, it is an ongoing fact of life and no research can ever be 'complete' but the more we can learn, the more comprehensive a picture we can construct of events, properties and the lives of the people who called Oatlands their home.